The Story

Hey friend, I’m Justine 👋🏻

I’m a self taught clay artist and certified lash tech with a passion for creating, and an obsession with Halloween. My home is on Vancouver Island where I live with my daughter, husband and 3 fur babies. I’ve always been naturally drawn to nature, animals, crystals, and of course - the moon.

Moon Island Co. is inspired by a love of making jewelry, an obsession with long pretty lashes, a passion for all things spooky, and a desire to constantly grow and flourish while doing what makes my heart sing.

I have spent the last 15 years as an Early Childhood Educator, but after my daughter was born I needed a change - Moon Island Co. was established in May 2022, and I became a lash technician in June of 2022. I started with no knowledge of lash extensions, and very little knowledge of clay polymer, but quickly fell in love with both and am becoming obsessed with growing my skills.

When I was a kid and all through my teen years I always made my own jewelry - I’d buy second hand items, take them apart and piece them together how I wanted. My friends often asked me to make them bracelets and necklaces!


Whether you’re here for lash extensions or jewelry your support allows me to continue doing all the things that I love, while supporting my family - I’m forever grateful and thankful for you🖤


Love, Justine