Appointment Info, Lash Science, & Reminders

Appointment Info:

When preparing for your appointment (full set or a fill) please come with clean lashes: I do my best at making sure your lashes are clean and ready to receive a new lashes, however 2 washes prior to application are better than 1.

Make sure you’re not wearing makeup and that you’re prepared to keep your newly applied lashes from getting wet for the following 24 hours.



Oils are your lashes enemy -  Before using face wash, make sure it’s not oil based. Some products  have oils to help remove waterproof makeup which in turn will bring a shorter life span to your beautiful lashes.

Make sure to avoid lotions, oil, and steam on your lashes - Be careful if you ever open the oven! Heat can greatly impact the longevity of your new look.

Any rubbing, plucking, picking or face sleeping will make your lashes prematurely fall out, and in turn cause your lashes to become sparse and unhealthy. It’s best to let your lashes fall out naturally!


Interesting Science about Lashes:

Naturally, we shed lashes daily. When you’re loosing lash extensions it’s actually due to you loosing natural lashes. On average you will lose 3-5 lashes per eye daily and 21 +/- per week. This makes it important to get those lashes filled regularly if you want keep your lashes looking full.

On average people have 80-120 natural lashes per eye. My goal is to fill about 95% of your natural, mature lashes.


Misconceptions about Lashes:

I’ve heard many people say they’ve gotten lash extensions before and it’s just not for them because they ruined their natural lashes - this isn’t supposed to happen!

Lash extensions shouldn’t ever affect your natural lashes unless improperly applied or prematurely picked out because of irritation. My practice at Moon Island Co. is to properly assess the strength and health of your natural lashes. Once that has been achieved, I can then apply the appropriate weight and length to them without harming the health of your natural lash. I use a precise amount of glue and properly isolate each individual lash, making sure they don’t fuse together or to your eyelid. No one wants clumpy, sticky lashes. 

Your lash health is my number 1 priority, and I work hard at doing my best for you.